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Dream India Technologies Offers Job Oriented and Placement Focused C Language Training in Guntur.

About C Language Training

C language is one of most widely used programming languages of all time. C was developed by Dennis Ritchie between 1969 and 1973 in Bell Labs and used to re-implement UNIX operating system. In 1989 C has been standardized by American National Standards Institute (ANSI). C language is standardized programming language with international standards.

C Language Course Syllabus

  • Introduction to C Language
    • Features of C, History
    • Structure of C Program
    • Keyword, Identifiers & Constants
  • Concepts of variables and constants
  • Concepts of data types
    • Primitive Data Types
    • Aggregated Data Types
  • Operators in C
    • Binary Operators
    • Unary Operators
    • Ternary Operators
    • Special Operators
    • Order of Evaluation
  • Decision making
    • Simple if
    • if..else
    • Nested if
    • if..else ladder
    • Goto Statement
    • Break and Continue Statement
    • Switch..Case statement
  • Iteration
    • Do..While
    • While
    • For
    • Nested loop Statements
  • Arrays
    • Introduction to arrays
    • Need for Arrays
    • Types of arrays
    • One Dimensional Arrays
    • Two Dimensional Arrays
    • Multi Dimensional Arrays
  • String manipulation
    • Declaring String
    • Initializing String
    • String Functions
    • String Formatted Specifiers
    • Multiple Strings
  • Functions
    • Introduction to Functions
    • Need for Functions
    • Classification of Functions
    • Function Prototype
    • Defining Function
    • Calling Function
    • Function with Arrays
    • Function with Strings
    • Recursive Functions
  • Structures and unions
    • Introduction to structures
    • Declaring a Structure
    • Introduction to Structures
    • Structures with Arrays
    • Structures with Function
    • Nested Structures
    • Introduction to Union
    • Declaring Union
    • Difference between Structures and Unions
    • Enumerations
    • Type definition
  • Pointers
  • File management
  • Dynamic memory allocation
  • Linked lists

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C Language Training Course Objective

C language is foundation for modern information technology (IT) and computer science (CS). C is most commonly used programming language in IT industry. C language is base for almost all popular programming languages like C++, JAVA, PHP, Python and Ruby.

Why C Language Course is required

All Programming languages like JAVA, PHP, Python and Ruby borrowed syntaxes and functions heavily from C. In C language course we will train Fundamental Programming concepts as data types, internal data representations, Operators, loops for repetitions, Control Structures, arrays, functions, debugging, etc. Studying C++ Programming provides foundation to learn advanced programming skills such as object-oriented programming. For learning any advanced programming languages like JAVA, .NET, PHP oops concepts are essential.

C Language Training in Guntur

C Language Training in Guntur

C Language Training Course Duration

Normal Track: 35 Days, Fast Track: 25 Days.

C Language Course Batch Timings :

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C Language Training Course Fee: 1500 Rs.

Advantages at Dream India Technologies

  • Training by Industry expert professionals
  • Classes limited to 10 – 15 students for better individual attention
  • Doubt clarification in class and after class
  • Personal attention and guidance for every student
  • Running notes in class
  • Live practical examples in class
  • Job Placements assistance after course

C Language Training Institute in Guntur – Dream India Technologies

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